BodyMind Coaching

As a BodyMind Therapist and Coach I utilize iRest® processes and various coaching methods to help you move through transitions, relieve stress and heal trauma, find meaning, purpose, passion.

  • Does fear, anxiety, anger or other emotions rule your life?
  • Do health issues or old traumas nag and persist?
  • Is your mind cluttered with thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living a good life?
  • Are you unclear of what your passions are or how to bring your best self into the world?
  • Do you long for a sense of inner peace, meaning and purpose or greater fulfillment?

I listen, encourage and ask questions you might not ask yourself. I encourage you to see possibilities and options, overcome obstacles, and help you restore resilience. I provide space for restoration, and the heartfelt desire of your life to be revealed. You’ll rediscover an inner strength of well-being to help you meet each life circumstance with the appropriate response.

Until recently I had always looked at the future with apprehension of the unknown. Today, I no longer question my existence and I have a better grasp on my life and where it will go.

How does the body enter into all of this?

Compared to other cultures, we tend to be less in our body. Yet many of the issues of our lives are found in the tissues of our bodies. Our thinking minds do not have all the answers to our healing and wholeness. I work with therapies that welcome the body as an equal partner with the mind. I’ll help you retrieve messages your body mind offers by way of symptoms, habitual patters or life’s challenges. You’ll learn to listen to these messages and re-integrate misplaced fragments of your true self to restore to a place of wholeness and well-being.

Let the beauty you love be what you do.

This is a heart-centered therapy that is not about fixing problems or self-improvement, as in tradition therapy. Rather our sessions delve into your inherent perfection, the core of who you really are. The process of simple, skillful dialogue and inquiry helps to bring this perfection alive in you as a real felt sense. This process unleashes your own authentic compassion and self-love, inviting your True Nature to the foreground where it can reside in its rightful place as you!

You guidance helped me to learn how to work with feelings and sensations, and to ask questions of my own body to help me clarify how to move forward. I found that all my answers truly are inside me.

Our sessions may include issues related to:

Health: chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD…..
Life: career or relationship challenges, life purpose, inner peace, spiritual inquiry…..

Our confidential sessions take place over the phone or in my Palatine office.

Let’s Talk

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Your help has given me the confidence and direction to be able to leave a stressful job and have the courage to pursue what really makes me happy: helping and serving others.