2018 Courses

  • Stress Relief with iRest Meditation – Starts October 16
  • iRest Programs for Military Veterans – Ongoing

Experience iRest® Meditation

iRest practiceThe transformative practice of iRest Meditation is easy to practice. This guided deep relaxation and mindfulness meditation helps you to:

  • Release negative emotions and thought patterns
  • Calm your nervous system
  • Develop an inner sense of ease and well-being?
  • Respond appropriately to each life circumstance

This informative and experiential program will provide an understanding of how stressors of modern life can take a toll on your body, mind and spirit. You’ll learn processes from the iRest toolbox to help you build resilience skills that are easy to integrate into your everyday life.

Learned how to be more in sync with my emotions and thoughts, and how to better respond than react. – Jeff

Research has shown iRest to effectively alleviate:

Anxiety | Sleep Disorders | Pain | Depression | Trauma | Addictions

Monday, March19, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
8 Weeks – $199
Harper College, Continuing Ed., Palatine, IL
For more information contact Jacqui Neurauter 847-359-6391.
Register: 847-925-6300 or Resilience to Stress with iRest Meditation
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I now experience more frequent moments of inner calm throughout the day. As a chronic insomniac I now have techniques to help me sleep better.
– Kathy

iRest® Programs for Veterans

Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with us, iRest makes us feel like there is something right with us.
– Gilbert; Iraq War Vet

As part of my not-for-profit organization, Veterans Restorative Project, I facilitate courses for military veterans and families.
For more information contact me at 847-359-6391

Free to qualified veterans and spouses – various locations, including:
  • DuPage Vet Center, 750 Shoreline Dr. – Aurora, IL 60504 – Wednesdays 1 pm
  • Rockford Vet Center, 7015 Rote Rd. – Rockford, IL 61107 – Wednesdays 4 pm
  • Hines VA, Hines, IL – Tuesdays 1 pm

iRest has helped me get to sleep earlier and more easily; and get back to sleep when I’ve awakened during the night. Although I love my job working with special needs kids, it is often a source of significant stress. I used to worry about how much I had to do. The strategies you teach help me complete projects, let go of the things I could not complete and go back to them later. Thank you!
–Maria, Mother of two Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans – One Fallen