5 Myths that are Stopping you from Meditating

Myth #1: Meditation is hard to do

iRest meditation is as easy as sitting comfortably in a chair or lying down while being guided into deep relaxation. You connect with a place of well-being, your true self, that feels open and spacious and free of stress. The practice helps you restore your natural resilience.

Myth #2: I don’t have time to meditate

A busy, fragmented mind actually wastes time. iRest meditation helps to clear the mind to better handle demands, activities, meetings and tasks. Comprised of mini mindfulness practices and inquiry, iRest naturally integrates into every moment of your life.

Myth #3: Meditation won’t help me

With iRest you discover the part of you that is already complete and doesn’t need anything. iRest helps you to BE with the emotions, thoughts and memories that prevent you from feeling whole and complete—and learn to be with those parts of you that aren’t okay.

Myth #4: Meditation requires discipline

Inner beingnessYou already know a place of ease and wholeness deep inside the natural part of you that requires no additional knowledge. Practicing iRest feels good. It’s as easy as taking momentary timeouts while lying, sitting, walking or talking.

Myth #5: Meditation is just one more duty

You really don’t have to DO anything. With iRest you’re just BEing. There IS nothing to do, nothing to change or fix. You are complete just as you are. This guided meditation supplies all you need to experience the place of well-being already within you. The practice brings this well-being to the surface as it heals and integrates a sense of ease into your life.

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