Jacqui Neurauter

My Experience and Training

Jacqui Neurauter As a Renaissance Soul it took many years for my interests, talents and passions to come together. Following a long career as a professional recruiter for major corporations, I graduated from the Coaches Training Institute in 2000 and begin my coaching career. I have helped people of many walks of life overcome obstacles and move through transitions, find direction and purpose, and to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

I was personally drawn to Somatic Movement Education to address chronic painSMC Certification Level 3 issues resulting from earlier injuries and habitual movement patterns. I immediately felt I had come home. As my pain issues improved, I knew I wanted to share this practice with others. I have completed my Level 3 Certification with the Somatic Movement Center and am currently enrolled in a 3-year Hanna Somatic Educator program with the Novato Institute. I am continually amazed at the positive results my clients and students are experiencing.

iRest CertificationIn 2013 I became a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra practitioner. This training expanded my ability to help individuals successfully address and heal a wide-range of issues including anxiety, insomnia, inter-personal conflict, physical ailments, and depression.

As an adjunct faculty of Harper College since 1997, I have facilitated a variety of personal growth courses, including iRest meditation and now Somatic Movement. Since 2001 I have been on the editorial staff of Yoga Chicago writing the Living in Sync column. I also author a regular newsletter/blog.

You are right on top of what people need to hear and have an inspiring way of informing and uplifting them. I guess that’s what Living in Sync means!
– Sharon Steffensen, Editor Yoga Chicago

Veterans Restorative Project logoFrom 2009 to 2021 I was president and co-founder of  Veterans Restorative Project, a not-for-profit organization . We offered free iRest meditation programs to veterans, their families and caregivers. Though the Covid-19 Pandemic caused us to terminate our corporation, we continue to offer free iRest programs virtually to veterans.

Personal life

In in one of my blog articles I wrote about finding one’s keywords that describe the essence of what it means to be alive. The most important for me are: curiosity, creativity and compassion. Engaging these qualities helps me thrive, feel whole and on purpose.

My journey has been enriched with four decades of personal growth studies and the practice of yoga. I was a principle dancer for 20 years with the Near East Heritage Dance Theatre, under the direction of a movement therapist. I co-facilitated Natural Chi Movement workshops with Tienko Ting for several years, and presented many programs incorporating movement to promote personal growth, health and well-being.

Abu-Simbel, EgyptWhen I was 19 I began a quest and embarked on many journeys traveling to far-away places–in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. I chose a country, studied everything about it, created my itinerary and traveled  alone.  I communed with the rich and the poor, established great friendships and learned so much about life and the world.

Tango dancing

My deep curiosity and passion for learning and being creative is enhanced by being in nature, gardening, experiencing the arts, engaging in yoga, somatic movement and meditation. I am compassionately concerned about social and environmental issues, and especially relish being a good friend. Dancing Argentine tango in a wonderful dance community here in Chicago is another one of my passions!