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An Invitation to Life!


Traditionally, the year end holidays are a time for expressions of gratitude and gift-giving. We acknowledge others for their contributions and thoughtfulness and give thanks for the yearly harvest we have reaped. Are your life working and are your coffers full of all the resources, joy and love you desire for living the good life? Or do you fear a winter of discontent?

Why not accept an invitation to change course and get more fully engaged in the flow of life.

The truth is life doesn’t just come to you. Life is constantly inviting you to participate in its flow. The workings of nature provide a perfect metaphor for helping us humans live a fulfilling life. To begin with, every part of nature knows its function and purpose – to fully engage with life and express the best it has to offer. To grow, blossom and propagate its seeds, droppings to nourish others.

Each blade of grass, maple tree or elephant may not contemplate its place in the greater scheme of things. That’s relegated to us humans. But every part of nature knows how to thrive to the best of its ability.

Each species has a deep knowing of how to adapt to its environment and the changing cycles of nature. Of course, there are those that don’t reach their full potential, but even they contribute to the whole by providing fodder for the growth of other species.

Our presence and each of our actions have an impact on the world around us. When in a thriving mode there is an energetic expansion that moves through us and out into the world. When in a defeated or despondent mode, we become like a black in hole in outer space sucking the energy from everything around us.

Nature provides a perfect system for change and transformation. Whatever falls rises again. This is born in the cycles of sunrise and sunset, the rise and fall of the tides, and the seasons of the year. Through the millennium people close to nature understood the cycles that were most favorable and least favorable for certain actions. In unfavorable times you have to wait. In favorable times you take action. Even in our own individual daily rhythms we can learn to shift gears with the fluctuations between action and stillness.

Seasons of the yearWinter is a time for hibernation and provides us the opportunity to go within, reflect, dream, and set intentions. Spring is a time for rebirth, for solidifying goals and preparing a healthy soil in which to sow seeds and plan actions for a fruitful harvest. Summer is a time to ripen, nourish and prune your actions for balanced growth, while weeding out invasive obstacles.

In addition to harvesting, autumn is also a time for cleansing. This is a favorable time to let go and shed whatever doesn’t work in your life, especially beliefs that hold you back from living in the flow.

You are invited to engage fully in the flow of life. Are you ready to join nature and accept this challenge? Need some help? Call me!

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