Life balance as harmony

“Embracing Harmony: A Guide to Balance and Fulfillment in Life”


A formula for turning disharmony into harmony and life balance

Our life pathways are many, filled with twists and turns, paved and treacherous. While our formative years are fairly set, successive life chapters require choices that can set the tone for how harmonious our life journey unfolds.

Imagine if you could integrate a process  into your life that can help you make better choices for how to experience more  balance and harmony, while overcoming the discord and disharmony that inevitably shows up. I devised a formula based on the word “HARMONIZE” to help you realize this quality in your life.

H – Heart / Home

The heart is a portal to the soul where the “real you” resides. Life challenges can leave a shroud or heavy scar on the heart, masking the ability to access your inner core. A good friend, coach or therapist can provide assist in providing “soul work” to uncover that mask or scar.

Life Balance - Heart and HomeHome is where the heart is. Home mirrors your real self. What’s going on inside is reflected in your outer environment. If disharmony exists in your life, whether in a relationship, career or with finances,  it can be reflected in home clutter, general disorganization or not enjoying spending time there. The clearer the pathway opening pathway to the heart, the better your environment supports you. That enables you to attract harmonious relationships, work results and supportive finances.


A – Accord/Agreement

Your thoughts and beliefs are at the core of all you agree to in life. Often those thoughts and beliefs are based on past information about not being good or strong enough. Being in accordance and agreement requires freeing yourself from those old patterns, a core principle for living a truly harmonious life.


R – Responsibility

You are not only responsible for your actions, but for the thoughts and beliefs where your actions are rooted. At times, you may need to accept blame and other times take appropriate action that not only serves your greater good but also aids those around you. You need to be  both  collectively responsible for making the world a better place  and a resource to  your friends in need.


M – Mesh / Marry / Meaning

Everything you take responsibility for in life must match who you are. Like attracts like, so the adage goes. Once there is something in common, you need to mesh with the person or situation at hand. Mesh is the key word here. When in full agreement, when your values mesh with the situation or partner, you can make an authentic commitment and marry yourself to creating something positive for the greater good. Meaning or purpose provides the energy and impetus for continuing along a pathway of harmony. When the meaning wanes, it may be time to move on.


O – Opportunity

We constantly are confronted with opportunities to change or reinvent our lives. Poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen wrote; “”there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Opportunity lies around every corner, even in the most desolate places. Being open to opportunity allows the light to shine through. Learning how to be ‘life-giving’  in your thoughts and actions helps contribute to a better world for all.


N – Now

The present moment is all you can count on. Ever been engrossed in a wonderful situation only to find the beauty or excitement of it vanishes in an instant? Life experiences are ephemeral and momentary. Yet life is a continuum that keeps you moving along. So much of our time is spent living in the past or thinking about the future. You can lose the preciousness of life that surrounds you in every moment. At the end of your life, do you want to know that you lived in the present, or spent that time unproductively? The present moment allows only the opening of acceptance – and love.


I – Improvisation / Interdependence

Life balance as InterdependenceLife is a dance of opposites; yin and yang are constantly in motion. All the structure in your life, the plans and goals you create, cannot predict the desired outcome. Life happens. At times, you may need to go with the flow and allow things to happen, then improvise and adapt to the situation at hand. You and your goals are not blocks of wood that can be carved and shaped for an end result.

Communally, we are interdependent with one another and the world we live in. This interdependence requires a responsibility that takes in the greater good for all. We do need one another to live a truly harmonious life.


Z – Zeal

Zeal represents passion.  Examine what is getting in the way of your passion, shrouding you from embracing a rewarding life. What is your attitude toward your life? A friend said recently, ABOUT AN elderly friend who frets and complains, “She needs to decide to be happy.”  However, sometimes it may be an old pattern of neediness that has not allowed you to take responsibility for creating harmony within yourself. What would it take for you to love what you do and who you are with at any moment? Uncovering your zeal and passion is the path towards finding the fulfillment of a harmonious life.


E – Earth

 Life Balance; Harmony in Nature

Earth nurtures and supports us. The natural world is a great teacher for living a harmonious life. Every ecosystem seeks harmony and balance for its own survival and well-being. The earth, through nature, feeds your spirit and helps you to comprehend your place and connection to the divine order of the universe. Do you experience “nature-deficit disorder?”  Invite nature to help you access your authentic self. Let it energize you to harmonize your life. Always remember that, ultimately, we all must care for the earth –our present and only home.

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