Founder of Hanna Somatics

Thomas Hanna’s Legacy: Founder of Hanna Somatics

Thomas Hanna, Founder of Hanna Somatic EducationHanna Somatics Education is a pioneering approach to holistic well-being rooted in the profound insights of its founder, Thomas Hanna, who was interested in the idea of human freedom in all its forms. He had the view that the body and the mind were not two separate things, but part of the same whole. Therefore, freedom of the body, mind, and perception were all intertwined

At the heart of Hanna’s vision lies the concept of “Somatics,” a term he coined to encapsulate the profound exploration of human experience from within. This paradigm shift reframes our understanding of our body and mind as interconnected facets of our being, guiding us toward a deeper connection with ourselves. Today, the term somatics is used to address a wide variety body-mind healing modalities.

Journey of Discovery

Driven by a passion for human freedom in its myriad forms, Hanna embarked on a journey of discovery that transcended traditional boundaries. Drawing inspiration from the mind-body connection, he immersed himself in the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, a renowned master in the art of muscle liberation and flexibility restoration.

Through his studies and practice as a Feldenkrais practitioner, Hanna uncovered profound insights into the intricate dance between brain and muscle. Armed with this knowledge, he forged a path towards a new paradigm of movement reeducation, blending interactive movement sessions with empowering self-care exercises.

Unique to the field of Somatics

Hanna’s unique contribution to the field of somatics and bodywork and central to his methodology is pandiculation. A pandiculation is what all animals do—such as your cat or dog. It’s composed of contracting a tense muscle and a very slow release. This process creates a feedback loop in our nervous system that regulates the level of tension in our muscles which are naturally reset.

Pandiculation, Cat Stretch of Hanna SomaticsCentral to his methodology is theCat Stretch,” a simple yet potent set of exercises designed to foster flexibility and alleviate muscular tension. With just 10-15 minutes a day, you can embark on a journey towards greater freedom of movement and enhanced well-being.

Thomas Hanna’s legacy lives on in many training programs, including the Novato Institute and the Association for Hanna Somatic Education.

In honoring the legacy of Thomas Hanna I invite you to experience the transformative potential of Hanna Somatics – a journey toward self-discovery, vitality, and holistic health.

“If you can feel it and sense it, you can change it”
— Thomas Hanna, Founder of Somatic Education