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Hanna Somatic Movements are groundbreaking techniques that help you retrain your brain to relieve pain, improve posture and increase mobility and vitality.

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Slow, gentle somatics exercises help you release chronically contracted muscles and improve your posture and movement by retraining your nervous system.

Four Ways Hanna Somatic Movements Will Help You

  • Relieve chronic aches & pains
  • Release muscle tightness and stiffness
  • Reduce or eliminate pain medication
  • Find greater ease of movement

Developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD, Hanna Somatics is a neuromuscular education that uses the groundbreaking technique of pandiculation to retrain and lengthen muscles to their natural resting length, and relieve pain.

“Somatic exercises are easy to follow and provide benefits almost immediately. I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder (right) and could not reach the middle of the back of my neck with my right hand. I can now, and it took only a couple of sessions to accomplish this. This stuff works! I am looking forward to more advances in flexibility and pain reduction.” John, Retired Navy Veteran

Most chronic pain, joint degeneration, and recurring injuries are caused by how we use our bodies – the way we sit, stand, and move. Our nervous system is responsible for telling us how to use our bodies….which muscles to contract and release and how to just be still. The more we repeat a certain posture or movement, the more our bodies accept it as normal and create set patterns. This is what might be called muscle memory. But it actually is due to loss of connections in the motor-cortex in our brain. Unfortunately, we sometimes learn patterns that damage our bodies–like sitting hunched over a computer and working on our cell phones, Our bodies and brains adapt accordingly.

The only way to change these deeply learned muscular patterns is to re-educate the nervous system. Hanna Somatics does just that. It engages the nervous system with very slow, focused, conscious movements to teach the nervous system how to release chronic muscle tension and move in natural, efficient ways that heal the body and create new healthy patterns.

I felt a sudden sharp pain in my left hip and groin while walking. This deep, dull pain continued and neither stretching, ibuprofen, nor resting helped my misery. After Jacqui guided me through just a few Somatics movements the pain diminished greatly and I could move with greater ease. The next morning – almost like nothing had happened – no pain – total mobility. Somatics and Jacqui are amazing! –Karen Ross

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me on my health concerns. You’ve helped me identify issues with my wrists and shoulders that no one else has, which has been a huge help to me. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of information and exercises that will help me going forward.”—Megan

Courses, Presentations & Private Sessions
Online and In-Person

  • Bust the Myth of Aging”- Move into Freedom and Relaxation  In-person presentation workshop – Lisle Public Library, Lisle, IL
  • Bust the Myth of Aging”- Move into Freedom and Relaxation
    In-person classes at Harper College, Palatine, IL–Spring/Fall
  • Weekly ClassesFree/Donation: Tuesdays at 5 pm CST –  Via Zoom
  • Weekly Classes for Veterans Free/Donation: Tuesdays, 10:30 am CST – Via Zoom

Email for information or to register Jacqui@HarmoniousPathways.com 

Online classes and sessions are easy and convenient. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone, a WIFI connection, a Zoom app downloaded, and a quiet space.

Private sessions: Via Zoom in the comfort of your home or in-person at the Healthy Living Counseling Center in Palatine, IL. Schedule your private Somatic sessions today. You will receive a recording to practice on your own.

30-minute complimentary private session via Zoom: Learn more about the practice, how it can benefit your situation, and the best way to meet. Experience a simple movement to get a feel for how it can benefit you.

Since I started practicing somatics my restless leg syndrome, which has plagued me for decades, has all but disappeared. And more, my surgically repaired shoulder has improved greatly with a measurable decease in pain and discomfort. – Tom Wilzinski, Retired 78-year-old Marine

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