Private Sessions

Hanna Somatics Education

Via Zoom and In-Person

Zoom Sessions

Most private Somatics sessions are performed via Zoom and require you to have a portable device with a camera (smartphone, tablet, or laptop)

We start with an evaluation of your current condition, and how you use your muscles in different positions and functions, such as walking and sitting. From this information, I will determine the type of movements that will help you the most at present. You will be fully clothed during the session, ideally wearing loose clothing that does not restrict your movement.

Lying down or seated, I will guide you through gentle movement patterns and sequences. You job will be to remain open and curious noticing sensations you are  experiencing as sensory-motor feedback from your brain. At the end of the session, you will be given some gentle movement exercises to do every day until the next session. The exercises remind your brain how to control your muscles efficiently and with ease.

In-Person Sessions

Limited in person sessions are available in Palatine, Il. The only differences from Zoom sessions is that I can provide targeted, gentle resistance to help awaken the ability of your sensory-motor cortex to lengthen tight muscles.

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