Hanna Somatics Testimonials

Hanna Somatics Education“Somatic exercises are easy to follow and provide benefits almost immediately. I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder (right) and could not reach the middle of the back of my neck with my right hand. I can now, and it took only a couple of sessions to accomplish this. This stuff works! I am looking forward to more advances in flexibility and pain reduction.” John, Retired Navy Veteran

As a movement educator and practitioner for fifty years, I have found Jacqui’s somatic movement technique to be a vital part of my daily practice. The technique has helped me reclaim lost parts of my Soma, introduced new movement and neural pathways, and made me conscious of my patterns. Hanna Somatics is like “meditation in motion” and gives me the benefits of meditative practice: relaxation in the here and now, deep connection, and a sense of lightness, integration, and a feeling of well-being.–Nancy

The Somatic exercises have helped tremendously with lower back L4-L5 bulges, left knee, right shoulder, right forearm, right wrist, and right hand. Prior all had annoying pain. I’ve had tingling and numbness in the right index finger which then moved up through the hand, wrist, and forearm to elbow is subsiding. I had a neurosurgery consult last Friday. The surgeon was amazed at how my neck had improved and recommended against doing any surgery. really notice and feel it if I have to skip a day. –Stefan Vietnam Veteran

Thank you for the wonderful somatics class last Tuesday. The movements were gentle yet strong at the same time. I’d taken a class with Hanna many years ago at a yoga therapy conference, and I continue to lead my classes in that pelvic tilt, back and forth, that we did in your class. So it’s a powerful practice. Thank you! Good work! –Sharon

Jacqui, I wanted to thank you and tell you how powerful yesterday’s session was for me. Everything just clicked and felt complete. At the end of the session, I experienced a sensory awareness very different from savasana. I just felt very alive. This morning in my yoga practice I experienced a wonderful, easy openness in my upper torso. And I slept 10 1/2 hours last night!–Paula

The specific exercise you gave me is helping to alleviate the pain in my hip muscles, especially in the mid-lateral gluteal region—pretty much where I’d put my wallet and where I have pain.  The movements are positively affecting the muscles like I’ve never felt before. The negative effects of the neuropathy have diminished. I now have a tad more feeling in my feet and lower legs than before…rather than less due, to the tingling. –Tom Wilczinski

Today’s class was one of those that goes right to the places that are hard to get to, especially my scoliosis condition and my tight psoas is very. After class, I was able to feel and remember what is like to have it loose.—Paula

I felt a sudden sharp pain in my left hip and groin while walking. This deep, dull pain continued and neither stretching, ibuprofen, nor resting helped my misery. After Jacqui guided me through just a few Somatics movements the pain diminished greatly and I could move with greater ease. The next morning – almost like nothing had happened – no pain – total mobility. Somatics and Jacqui are amazing! –Karen Ross

Jacqui Neurauter’s expert and compassionate approach to Somatic Movement creates joyful support for full-body well-being. She works with the natural movements of the body to help recover and maintain its innate vitality. Her careful, specific instruction of simple but profound movements has led me to experience a reduction in pain; an increased range of motion; and a modulation of my entire nervous system. This brain and muscle retraining is both subtle and revolutionary, and I believe it can be tailored to anyone and can benefit everyone. –Clare

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me on my health concerns, especially with pain in my wrists and shoulders. You’ve helped me identify issues that no one else has, which has been a huge help to me. I feel like I’ve learned a lot of information and exercises that will help me going forward.”—Megan

Somatics with Jacqui has helped me reclaim lost parts of my Soma, introduced new movement and neural pathways, and made me conscious of my patterns.—Theresa

Jacqui’s voice and presence puts one in the parasympathetic frame of being. She is thoroughly engaged in observing the class participants and being available for questions. She has a strong and confident mastery of the technique. I have recommended her class to a number of my friends and they have enjoyed and benefitted from it as well. –Janice

The somatic journey is/has been a brain shift for me. Put simply, it has been my internal work to stop subjecting myself to believing and following the societal voices of “success = work hard.” The time has come to realize that it IS work to concentrate and commune with your body. Listening and learning takes time. But I DID see results in my first session. “She” (my soma) has responded quickly to the conversation, and now my life routine is to keep that going. Nothing for my health and well-being will be love at first sight or a quick overnight to the finish line. Once and done it’s a relationship. Since my body wellness is the only relationship I can truly count on to the end…it’s an easy choice. I am still impressed how Jacqui can see the detailed functions and movements via Zoom but she does!  –Terry LaCandia