Harmonize–H as in Heart & Home


In my September 2009 newsletter feature article, “HARMONIZE Your Pathways Through Life,” I presented a 9-part formula based on the word “HARMONIZE” for turning disharmony into harmony in your life. Over the course of these next 9 blogs I will deepen my examination into this formula.

Harmonize–H as in Heart & Home


Did you know that the brain is an extension of the heart and that the heart has its own intelligence? Over 30 years of research at the Heartmath Institute has revealed that half the cells in the heart are neurons – the same type of cells that are in the brain. The heart forms in the fetus before the brain and it doesn’t need to be connected with the brain in order to beat.

Is it any wonder that strong feelings of disappointment, sorrow, guilt, anger and hopelessness can rule your life? Yet at the same time love, peace, enthusiasm and hopefulness can also preside. Life challenges can leave a deep scar on your heart. While the pain may lessen over time, or we hide it behind a happy face, the real healing must take place inside.

When I realized there was no chance for reconciliation after a breakup with a long-term partner who I dearly loved, I used a simple but powerful process to forgive him, and myself. I recited this affirmation daily: “You are free and I am free. All is well between us. I am free to live from my inner truth. Peace is the order of my day.” Over time I experienced an incredible healing, knowing I was still a vital lovable person. By letting go I was able to feel renewed and invite in new and exciting opportunities.

Whenever my heart is heavy I seek out people who really believe in me and who are non-judgmental. Introspection, journaling and writing have also been powerful tools to help me sort things out.


Is your heart in your home? Does your home support you in making the most of your life journey? Does it help you grow and thrive? Your home is like a canvas on which you paint an expression of your inner thoughts, feelings, and past memories—including your childhood home.

For many years I have consulted people in their homes with both coaching and the Chinese art of feng shui. I have consistently observed how our home mirrors or reflects our life and how it plays out. In cluttered homes people’s lives are generally in a state of disharmony and lack of focus. Some homes lack warmth or a feeling of hominess, others are like Grand Central Station, people coming and going with no time for each other. Still others are like castles with many unused rooms filled with old memories, reflecting an inability to let go of the past, live in the present and invite in new opportunities.

When you change your environment to align with your truth and the spirit that moves you, the mirror of your home can project a reflection that helps you feel more positive about yourself, resulting in a more harmonious pathway in your life.

Janice and Bob agreed to do a powerful “home reflection” process I led them through. They discovered that their lives were overburdened with “stuff,” and they had put their dreams of traveling on hold. The outcome was their decision to downsize into a smaller home, streamline their work and personal lives to allow more time for family travel and activities. Even though their portfolio has since declined with the market, their thriftiness has given them the freedom to live their dream.

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