iRest Testimonials

iRest has made me more aware of the connection within myself between my body, emotions, and thoughts. It has provided me with skills I can use to better cope with negative reactions so I might enjoy feelings of well-being.—Kathy

iRest has given me new ideas and tools for dealing with stress and helps me appreciate the importance of just being present in every moment.—Suzanne

The practice of iRest teaches me how to deal with feelings that are negative more positively and productively. This has been better than any psychological therapy. –Jennifer

I was seeking tools to tools to help me cope with the stress of having migraines. I have learned breathing techniques to help me relax before, during, and after a migraine attack. –Tirsa Mendez

The tools of iRest I’ve learned to deal with daily stresses and challenges effectively are a great help. I am now much calmer and relaxed. –Mark Schriner

iRest has taught me to be more present in my everyday life. It has helped me to be calmer and more accepting of the challenges I experience daily. –John Welninski

It was interesting to learn about the brain and connections to all parts of your body and the way we function. I have learned helpful breathing techniques and why mindfulness and meditation are important to our overall physical and mental health. –Robyn Sandys

I enjoyed the class. It has provided me with many tools to use during stressful situations and has taught me to think outside the box, so to speak. I also enjoyed learning how the brain reacts during stressful times. Jacqui is great. —Julie LaFond

I have found this to provide a sense of strength and well-being.—Daniel

I feel more in synch with my emotions and thoughts. I’ve learned how to ”just be.” Learned how to better respond than react. I found myself to be more relaxed than I was before taking the class.—Jeff

I now experience more frequent moments of inner calm throughout the day. As a chronic insomniac, I now have techniques to help me sleep better. Thank you for helping me believe I can meditate.—Kathy

iRest teaches me how to slow down and take in life rather than let it drag me along. I need to be in control of my life. – Winnie

Our HR person invited Jacqui Neurauter to guide a group of 30 workers through a meditation. This was the first time in my 52 years I have ever meditated. I ultimately gave in to it and it turned out to be one of the better things that I have done. Her voice was so soothing and her words so comforting that I fell totally in love with her instantly and felt the best that I had in years. She transported me from the City Hall where I have toiled for tens of thousands of hours to my favorite place, and with not a care in the world to boot. —Bernard

Thank you so much for your support and iRest in general. I don’t know if I can say it enough – your help and support have truly helped me get through the difficult times following the loss of my veteran son to suicide. —Maria, Mother of Veteran son

I’ve learned how to relax and be aware of my actions and reactions.

After the loss of our son in the Iraq war, I sought counsel through a VA facility as the grief of losing my son was, and is, very hard to bear, sometimes overpowering. In addition to live sessions, I listen to recorded sessions when I feel the waves of grief overtaking me. iRest is a great tool to “relax my mind.” I am amazed at the level of rest I achieve with just an hour of IRest. I hope others can overcome whatever holds them back from seeking this level of help along this journey we call life.—Karen Burris

I would just like to say that IRest has helped me to calm my mind on days when life is moving fast. After my son’s death, I have had a hard time relaxing. Thanks to IRest I can calm my mind on hard days.—Dan Burris

I have learned that there are different tools and techniques that I can use to relieve my stress. Thank you for the reminder to be more aware of my body. I’m in awe of all its capabilities.—Sandra

iRest helps me block out numerous distractions going on in my head at the same time. I sit quietly, breathe deeply, shut out my thoughts, and just relax. –Dennis, Veteran