iRest® Program
for Health, Healing and Well-being

iRest is a proven effective approach to alleviating anxiety, fear, pain, depression, sleep issues, post-traumatic stress of all kinds, addictions and other health issues. This results in lasting psychological change, as well as physical and emotional healing.

iRest is:

  • A toolbox of relaxation, mindfulness and meditative practices,
  • Accessible and easy for any lifestyle,
  • A way to dissolve the obstacles to leading a life of purpose and meaning,
  • A non-dogmatic, secular program used by many, faiths and cultures.

Individual Sessions and Group Courses

stone pileLearn to relieve stress, alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictions and sleep issues—and feel more grounded and at ease.

iRest, short for Integrative Restoration, is a research-based program developed by Richard Miller, PhD psychologist.  This modern adaptation of the ancient meditation practice of Yoga Nidra helps you release negative emotions and thought patterns and calm your nervous system. You uncover and embody a deep inner resource of harmony, ease and well-being.

In the end, we realize how simple life is when we accept this moment, just as it is, without pretending to be other than who we are. This is grace in action and the culimination of IRest.
– Richard Miller

iRest sessions help you:

  • Embody skills to use throughout your lifetime,
  • Gain more control or mastery of your emotions during daily events, and more comfort in circumstances beyond your control,
  • Gain resilience to meet difficult situations in a responsive rather than reactive manner,
  • Embrace joy and well-being in your daily life,
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships,
  • Feel better.

I incorporate iRest in both private therapeutic coaching and guided meditation sessions, and in various group settings. iRest is a program that you can combine with traditional and alternative therapies you are already we using.

iRest as a Meditation

This profound guided meditation is practiced lying down, sitting, and as a co-meditation with a facilitator.

iRest practiceThrough a deep meditative process, you sense, breath and inquire into various parts of the body, feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and memories. The practice enables emotions and beliefs to surface and be explored. Each session provides an opening to a state of being that is infinite, joyous, loving and always present even during our most difficult times. It opens your mind and body to an inherent state of health and wholeness. (Attend a course)

I not only learned why I react the way I do but also ways to reverse the effects of my triggers, and feel safe and supported.
– Paula

Learn more about the Integrative Restoration Institute research with iRest and its efficacy on health, healing and well-being with diverse populations including: soldiers, veterans, college students, children, seniors, the homeless, and people experiencing issues such as post-traumatic stress, sexual trauma, addictions, sleep disorders, chronic pain and infertility at

Listen to a sample of iRest Meditation below!

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