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Surrender to the Season


Let me share an amazing story of a relative of mine who recently passed away peacefully in her sleep at the ripe age of 94. Ruth not only lived in the flow of life; she danced in it! During her lifetime she had four husbands. She knew how to pick good ones, since they all danced. However, the first and second marriages were short-lived. One died in the war and another died of a brain tumor. Raising three small children she was a single working mom focused on building a strong, loving family bond. She really knew how to navigate life’s challenges.

Her third marriage lasted 12 years until that husband died of a heart attack. She married her fourth husband, Jack, at age 67 and retired from full-time work at 76. Jack (a healthy 98-year-old) shared with me that he and Ruth never argued and she never complained, even during her most recent illnesses. Her motto for her children was, “There are no roadblocks.”

navigate life's challengesNavigating obstacles

In each season of the year or our life we are presented with varying degrees of unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. These challenges can help to deepen our beliefs and understanding for what’s truly important for living an authentic life. Every part of nature knows when to adapt, thrive and yield within its changing cycles. Nature provides a divinely inspired GPS to help us navigate the roadblocks and live in the flow of life with ease.

In his book, “The Power of Now,” Eckart Tolle wrote, “surrender is the most important thing you can do to bring about change.” He refers to yielding rather than opposing the flow of life. When you resist, deny or resign yourself to remaining stuck, you miss the opportunity to become free of the mind that holds you back from the flow. Accepting what is in the moment provides an opening to bring forth positive action. Through each chapter of Ruth’s life, she must have heeded the familiar celebratory toast of her Jewish heritage, l’chaim—“to life!”  She surrendered to her life which enabled her “to start a new book,” as she wrote in her memoirs. She also had a strong family support system to help her along the way.

When you truly surrender, a portal opens inviting you to count your blessings and be grateful. This isn’t only a prescribed spiritual practice. There is plenty of neuroscientific research on how this changes brain chemistry. When you regularly reflect on your blessings, act with generosity and extend love and forgiveness, true healing takes place and satisfaction with life grows. This motivates you to reengage with life thus expanding your inner and outer wealth.

Getting started to navigate life’s challenges

navigate life's challengesIf your life doesn’t seem working, instead of freezing up with fear or discouragement, build a fire and sit with a cup of warm brew. Take time to sit quietly, and surrender to the moment and just be with what is. Sort through the seeds you have harvested, count your blessings and express gratitude for whatever good has come your way. Evaluate your seeds’ potential and form a new strategy for sowing seeds in the New Year. It’s what every other part of nature does – why not you!

You are invited to engage fully in the flow of life. Are you ready to join nature and accept this challenge? Nature’s GPS is based on its interdependence. Just like Ruth, we need a strong support system to help us with our navigations. If you need a jump start, contact me for a 30-minute complimentary brainstorming session.

 Blessings in the New Year

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