New Study: Unique Way to Relieve Chronic Pain

New Study: Unique Way to Relieve Chronic Pain

Many people experience chronic back and neck pain at some point in their lives and it can be debilitating.  If you aren’t one of these people, I’m sure you know people who are. A new study published in September 2022 demonstrates the efficacy of using pandiculation with Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) to relieve chronic back and neck pain. This unique self-care method releases chronic muscle tension by retraining the nervous system. I personally am a testament to HSE for relieving my own chronic muscle pain since I’ve been training and teaching this powerful practice.Continue reading

Your body's pathway to harmony

Your Body’s Pathway to Harmony

Are you in your body? You might be saying, Of course I am. But are you fully present in your body? In this moment, how do your hands feel? Are they cool or warm, heavy or light? When you are happy, anxious, or angry, where do you feel this in your body? Are you aware of how certain thoughts trigger emotions and sensations in your body? If you are perplexed by any of these questions, you are not alone. Learning the importance of the body has been part of my life journey. Let’s explore how to experience our body’s pathway to harmony.Continue reading


How to Build Resilience

Why is it that some people languish when facing adversities in life while others bounce back and flourish? It’s a question of resilience—the capacity to respond to pressures and tragedies quickly, adaptively, and effectively. This isn’t a trait that some people were born with while the rest of us missed out. The capacity for resilience is mostly established during the first three years of life. This capacity is rooted in learned patterns of behavior. The good news is that even if you did not learn resilience early in life, you can still acquire it. Continue reading