When should I do my Somatics movements?

Hanna Somatics Education

Ideally, the basic movements should be practiced:

  • First thing in the morning to help lengthen your muscles and prepare them for whatever you will be doing during the day. This also refreshes the brain-muscle connection to promote efficient and easy movement.
  • At night, especially before sleep, releases tensions that may have accumulated throughout the day, allowing you to sleep more relaxed.

There is no limit to when you can do the movements:

  • In a chair, in a car, or at work—even standing and walking.
  • Right after or in the middle of doing an activity that typically causes muscular stress (weeding, heaving lifting, or carrying, or long hours at the computer).
  • Before and after sports activities to release stress and rebalance habitual movement patterns.

Move into Freedom

When stress and tension are immediately relieved it doesn’t have to result in sore muscles the next day. Embodying Hanna Somatics movements gives you a toolbox of movements you can use anywhere and anytime you sense muscles tensing up or getting sore.

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