clearing out the old

Your Second Spring!


Two ways to be more in harmony with life

Nobel Prize winning author Albert Camus wrote:
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

I love this statement. It truly does capture the beauty of the fall season. But it also reveals that we can find renewal in ourselves in the fall, just as well as in the spring – yet perhaps with a more seasoned approach.

Leaves drop in the fall and plants die off. We gather in the harvest of the year, celebrate what we have reaped, and prepare for the coming season of hibernation.

But this season represents much more than death and hibernation. It’s an opportunity to let go of what no longer works in our lives, a time for inner exploration, and an opportunity to plant and nurture seeds for future growth.

Beginning of renewal

During your Second Spring, you can tweak or even re-create your life and bring more harmony into your work, endeavors, relationships and overall well-being.

I would like to gift you some questions to reflect on. You may want to download these questions and work with them yourself now, and take advantage of the current energy of this Second Spring to renew yourself.

What is it that you want for your life?

  • How do you want to live this next year, or next life chapter?
  • What do you really care about?
  • What are your true passions?

Think of how precious life is. I’ve read that the average human lifetime contains 30,000 days. How many have you already used up? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could do as Karen did as she worked with these questions: “The work I did in your class has given me the confidence and direction to be able to leave a stressful job and have the courage to pursue what really makes me happy.” Are you ready for a change also?

Questions for renewalMore questions to ponder

  • What are your gifts and talents?
  • In what kind of work or endeavors do you want to be engaged?
  • Where can you make a contribution?
  • What would make your life better?

Perhaps you are unclear about these things. Just think about things you’ve engaged in during your life that have brought you joy, when you have felt in the zone, when time seems to stop. Here is Megan’s experience with working with these questions:

 “Motivated me to take a risk….inspired me to believe in myself.
I have the abilities and talents to follow my passions.”

  • What are your weaknesses, hopes or fears?
  • What obstacles are holding you back?
  • Do you experience discomfort or pain in your body, emotions, or spirit?
  • Do you find yourself reacting to life circumstances in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • What brings you joy and gratitude?

Are you in tune with your true self? Do you ever listen to your heart’s deepest desire for your life? There is a place deep within you that has answers to all these questions, and much more. What’s required is the ability to quiet the mind so you can begin to feel the messages your whole being wants to share with you. These are messages that can help you live from a deeper place.

“With iRest meditation I gained vital information about
who I really am and what I need to move forward.”

My wish for you as that you can live a harmonious and fulfilling life, and be able to meet and greet each life circumstance with the appropriate response–and continue to find space for renewal.

Join my free iRest meditation groups held weekly on Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons where you’ll find space to rest and explore this further.



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